Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wowzers...... Boy has it been one great week here in Barahona. I am really tired, but happy because we have been working soooo much!

The week started good. On Tuesday we invited Elder Chunga into our home! He is also a Columbian, and he was actually my zone leader before, in Hato Nuevo. So I already knew him and invited him warmingly. Hahah But the transfers took all day and we had to help get people settled in. So you know how it is, that took up the day. Haha

Wednesday we worked like none other. We had 9 appointments. It was nuts. Everyone was home and it was a great day. Yanela, one of our investigators, has been studying really hard in the folletos, and has been knocking out our questions. She understands a ton!!! But it has been a week of referrals. Every person I talk to, we are asking for a referral of someone else who could use the gospel in their lives. You´d be suprised on just how much the members really do help the missionaries. A referral is like a level up or something that is a good comparison to that. But really, they rock, because these people already have some sort of tie to the gospel. So that has been our goal this week. Also a goal this week was to be more friendly and say hello to everyone. We´ve been trying our best, but there are just some people here that don´t want to talk to us. 

Thursday was another boss day. It was a "work with less active members day". We searched for all the less active members we could find. We ended up contacting about 3 of them, without knowing they were less active. The Lord is putting us in the pathways of his lost sheep. It feels good working with less active members. I love seeing the light in their eyes when they get their testimony back. Like for example, one of the less actives in our area is named Betansia. She is an awesome woman, of 40 years of age. She left the church because she knew someone there was doing bad things and she didn´t like how we allowed people like that in the church. So we explained to her that no one is perfect, and that we can´t sacrifice our own salvation because of others. We can´t have an excuse, because  God won´t accept them. As we were teaching her, her eyes swelled up in tears and she began crying and when she looked up at us, I could see the change in her. And she said "I am going to churchthis Sunday. I need my Saviour." 

Friday was just a basic day. I did make some boss lunch though, it was Yuka (One of the best things you can get on this island, its kind of like potato but tons better) with eggs and salami. Ya, I was proud of myself for that one.

Saturday was also basic. But we learned a new game called parché, which is a fun board game. I played for like 5 minutes, and got lost, but it is fun too!

Sunday was the best day of my life if I do say so myself. Let me explain. We went to church. We get there, and all the Senior couples of the mission (which I didn´t even know we had senior couples) were at our building. Well I shouldn´t say they are in the mission. They work in the headquarters here in the DR, but most of them were from Utah, like in Centerville and in Bountiful, so it was really cool to talk to them. Then after that, we went to work. We have a young investigator, Flor, of 10 years old, who is just the best. She was at church, as was Betansia (YESSSSS) and when we visited her, we were in shock. She lives in the house next to Franklin. In fact, she is a referral of him. Anyways, we gave her a book of mormon earlier in the week. When we show up, she says "Sit down. I´m the mormon now. I am going to teach you what I learned today." She then made a do a FHE right then and there with her and Franklin, which is what she learned about during sunday school, and it was awesome. Then her message was on the Restauration of the gospel. This girl has that down to a T. She even used the examples that we used to explain it to her. She remembered every detail, like who was Joseph Smith, what did he do, the Grand Apostasy, how Jesus established the church, How and why we have the book of mormon. Everything. And then she said, "Look, I have read only a small bit of the Book of Mormon in the last two days, but I have read it with my heart open, and I asked God if it was true. This book is true, and it is my baby. I cherish this more than all the money I have ever received." This young girl, who is only 10 years old, has received one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever seen in my life. Franklin, Elder Quiñónez and I all began crying because of the great truth she brought into our hearts. We didn´t even teach her anything new, she knew it all. She really was the mormon, that did in fact teach us. I learn from this young girl every day, and I eagerly await her baptismal date, which is the 20 of September.

As for today, we played basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beach Side!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was super cool! And the whole zone was there! Then a few of them came back to our house, like Elder Hope and his trainee, and we ate enchiladas. By the way, I love Elder Hope´s new companion. He is from Portland, Oregon, he is 18 and he is just a boss. His name is Elder Hodges, and he is one swell kid. (Insert British Accent There) Anyways, then I came here. I also have a sad story of the week too, that I will be putting in another email, but as for this really long email, I have finished what I have to say. I love you all! You are all the best. Keep your heads up! The Lord blesses those that keep their faith in him! Also, I am in Alma 9 now! Reading slowly, but marking a ton! Lets see who read this week with me! 

Les quiero, mis queridos,

Elder Weiss 
Yuka (like potatoes), salami and eggs Parker made. He's very proud!

This picture was from today when the Elder's played basketball beachside.

A tugboat

Mother's Note: This is Parker's Sad story he mentioned in the above email:
Sad story... Last week, I bought a new pair of shoes, because my other pairs have all been destroyed... So I bought a really nice new pair of shoes. They are the brand CLARK. They rocked.... sad part. After a week of usage... this is what I get.... 

Mother's Note: I chatted with Parker and asked if he could return them. He said No but there's a guy that will stitch them back onto the sole which is way better than the glue that can't hold up in the humidity there. I'm feeling good that our "cheaper" shoes lasted 9 months vs his "expensive" shoes that lasted 1 week. haha.  Here are pictures of all of his shoes he brought from Utah.

Some of the Elder's came back to his apartment and had enchiladas!