Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day!! (Highlight's of our Skype and email)

Skyping with Parker on Christmas was definitely our highlight! We talked about everything! We got to show him and some Dominican kids and Elder's that were around the snow that fell on Christmas Day to them. Some of the kids had never seen snow before.  We were able to meet Elder Millward and Elder Mortensen and they were awesome. Parker showed us what he bought us for Christmas because he tried to mail them (in different ways) but they were too heavy, so we'll wait a few months.

He told us more about his investigators, the life there and food and hot Christmas weather and how his training is going with Elder Millward...which is good. He spoke to us in regular Spanish and then in Dominican Spanish to show us the difference. It's almost completely different then Spanish.  His other calling is playing piano for church so he played for us. Haha...he suckered us in because he's never played before and he played a perfect "Hark, the Herald Angel's Sing" and then showed us it was a player piano with all the hymns pre-played. He just has to set the code and push one key and the entire song plays by itself. :)

We were able to Skype for hours as that was a Christmas gift from his Mission President.

On Christmas Day while waiting for his laptop from a member so he could Skype with us Parker wrote this:

Merry Christmas to all!!! This will be short! Sorry!

This week has been amazing! But I won't be writing a lot. Other than a couple things. Yeni and Nicolas will not be getting baptized this week, but it is coming soon! They had some issues with their papers for marriage, so we are still waiting for that to pass. Once they get that all worked out, they are good to go!

It somehow keeps getting hotter here.... whoo.... I wish there was some snow, but nothing wrong with a Caribbean Christmas. :)

I just want to write a little about the importance of Christmas! Boy, have I seen a lot of things in this country. Saddest thing I have seen has to have been in the last week. It seems as though everyone is drunk, which is real sad to me. To see how they celebrate the time of Christ's birth is so sad. They drink and they party, but they are forgetting the true beauty of why it is that we are celebrating this Christmas season. It has been real hard to walk around and contact all these drunks, when I know the true reason on why we are celebrating. We actually had a cool experience yesterday. We were eating at a members house at night, and when we got home from that, we felt a big impression to talk about the birth of Christ, so we read in Lucas 2:1-20 as a house, and such a comforting feeling came to us, even with all the noise and music in the background. I know that Christ lives. That He was born to change the world. He was this world's biggest gift. His sacrifice is so perfect and unforgettable, and we are the ones who partake of that sweet blessing in almost every moment of the day. I am so grateful to be able to work out here every single day and preach of the blessing of the Atonement. This Christmas has been merry, although it has been sad to see how people believe the birth of our Saviour is to be celebrated. I have become very humble with this week, and I am grateful that I am here to be able to serve and bring so many more to the knowledge that I have come to know! May all have a very Merry Christmas! :)

I love you all! May you discover your Gift this Christmas. :)

Elder Weiss :)