Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Its December, yet I feel like it's been December since September. Man do these people love themselves some Christmas. But I am not against them! haha Christmas is amazing!

This week has been great!! We started an amazing week by going to a trainer meeting on Tuesday. The meeting was really good, they talked to the trainers about how to be effective with our time, and they asked how training was going. I really do enjoy my time as a trainer, although it can be difficult. But no worries, it is all going well. Elder Millward is awesome! After our meeting, our Mission President decided to take just Elder Millward and I home in his car. It was really nice, and when we got to our house, he went up to check on our house. While in our house he asked us if we were ready to take on a special challenge. Then he asked us on behave of our bishop to make the new mission plan for 2015, because our Bishop needs help and had asked our Mission President to ask us. Our President put a lot of emphasis on the trust he has for us to do a good job, so it has been awesome to have got that all together. We worked on it all week, and we got to present it yesterday. To us, it seems the ward is all in on it and they seem like they are ready to help us out! We see big things coming in the future of the ward.

Our work week has been going great! We were able to work really hard, because thanks to all of your prayers, I have been feeling great this week! So I am super grateful that we had a full work week out and working hard. Yeni and Nicolas are getting the last pieces of their papers together, so I feel like by next week we will have a marriage date set up for them, which will be right in time for their baptism on the 27th!

Here is my crazy story of the week. Elder Millward and I were teaching a recent convert of mine on Thursday, and her younger brother, about 10 years old, was playing in the dirt. Our lesson went well, but as we finished, her brother began throwing dirt at us. Now, this was a moment of true discipleship. To be honest, we both wanted to team up and throw buckets of dirt on him, but instead, we both walked past, as he threw handfull after handfull of dirt at us. It was very... challenging. But I am glad we didn't freak. There were lots of people watching, and that could have gave a very wrong message about who we are. I am so glad both my companion and I have been blessed with no desires of ever getting in fights. It was a small test from God this week, but it proved to me that all things, all challenges, have a good solution and a bad. We are in control. We must make the decision.

We've gone to a mall today and I was playing around with a new camera I got, so I have a couple of strange pictures this week, but I think they're cool. Also, we keep finding cool shirts walking around, so I have some strange shirt pictures I will be sending as well!

Keep sharing "He is the Gift" with all you know! Go look up christmas.mormon.org! It is an amazing site! I pray for you all and I hope the week has been amazing for all of you! 

Con Amor,
Elder Weiss :)
Elder Catmull and I were matching, so of course we had to take a picture! haha Our pants match, our ties somewhat match, but even our pens are the same! WOOHOO! WE ROCK! haha

These were taken from Elder Mortensen only moments ago. Showing off my new camera.

I forgot to mention... we were a little spoiled this week. The doctor and his wife asked us to come and enjoy Applebee's with them this week. We did partake, and lo, it was good. :)

My favorite shirt is the batman one. Make sure to check out my socks. ;)

Our house decorations! 

The blue lights are on my desk that I study on. I know, so festive.  :)
Elder Catmull and I have gotten acustomed a bit too much. This was a morning where we both woke up freezing!
I've been meaning to send this to the family for a while. Look.... The switch! Only 1 dollar left. :)
Grandpa Kimball gave us 2 dollar bills when Parker left on his mission 
which we displayed in UT and Parker displayed in DR. After Parker's year mark we both switched to a $1 bill signifying from 2 years to 1 left!

Christmas Anyone?!