Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Well, being as I was only on a couple of days ago, this will also be brief. Let me just say that the Christmas season is such a great one. It is an amazing time to be together and to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World. It is a real special time as a missionary! Being able to Skype my boss family was so great! It was great to feel close to them and share a period of time with them on such a special day! 

Now, to get on to the work! In the last couple of days, one amazing thing has happened. An investigator that we have taught like once, his name is Fransico, he read all of the pamphlet, and when we passed by, we felt a strong impression to give him a baptismal date. So we did. He felt a little unsure, but we reassured him that God is going to bless him if he truly has the desire to serve Him and follow His ways. He got a little more excited and accepted. Then on Sunday, he showed up to church for the first time. The Lord is really blessing him. He is very curious, and it is really good to see that someone is so desirous to know the truth.

As for Yeni and Nicolas, we are still waiting for them to get the rest of their papers for their marriage. Once they get those, they will be baptized, and I can't wait. :)

So taht is my big news for the week. Not much! I hope that you all have a Happy New Year and make some sweet goals for 2015! I can't believe that my black year is almost over. Time has gone fast! I love you all! Thank you for all the prayers and everything you do for me!

Guarda la fe! 

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's Note:  Parker didn't email until quite late and this is why...

I have had a nuts day with Elder Mortensen. I will tell you, all he did was we played basketball in the morning. It was very light play, and Elder Mortensen shot a real easy shot, and a Dominican shoved his foot underneath Mortensen's. So he landed on it, and he heard a pop, and fell to the ground. This isn't the same ankle that just was damaged, this is his other one. We are pretty sure that a ligament is ripped, so we went to the doctors, got x rays, and we have been with our assistants all day, that is why I am getting on later. He is taking it like a champ. The doctor says it is something that he can heal here and that he wont have to go home, but I ask you to just keep him in your prayers, that he'll be able to withstand the pain that he is in. He has crutches, so he is once again in another healing process. It is really sad, but as his mom said on Christmas, he has "Glass Ankles". Haha But seriously, I have seen the pain he is in, and he is a trooper. I just hope he'll be okay....

Glad to hear everyone is safe and doing well! If you are on, I would love to talk! But mom, Have a great New Years! Make some goals! And remember, the year 2015 is when I will be able to give you a big Teddy Bear hug again! :) Lead the family in the light and gospel truths! And remember, I love you! Also, once again, a very happy birthday to you on the 3rd!!!! Feliz Cumpleaños! :)

Love you mom!!!!

I asked Parker more about what happened with Elder Mortensen and what is being done. Elder Mortensen is in a boot cast and has crutches. The Doctor said it looks like a bad sprain but Elder Mortensen previously tore his ligament (same ankle) before his mission and was delayed coming to the DR because of the injury and he says the pain and pop he heard feels the same as that first injury did and is worried the ligament is re- torn. Parker said he will give him a blessing and make sure he takes his medication and will let us know what happens. Hopefully Elder Mortensen won't have to go home to AZ because of this. So any prayers his way would be welcome.

Hear are some pictures Parker sent. I told him he get's his obsession with fire from his my dad!  Crazy child!!

This is a fire that we made from all the boxes we burned that Catmull's parents sent to him. haha It was huge! My companion stood by it for a comparison of how big it really was! haha

To show how many ties I have... (this one is for my
 family.... who have dubbed me the king of ties...) ;)