Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015 - You are a leader

So wow, great week. We had a lot of work. We taught plenty of lessons. Like, I don't even remember how to separate the days.... its all just a big giant blur. Like as if all of it happened in one day... haha 

Wednesday we had a meeting for all the leaders of our mission. Super good meeting. We really focused on what it meant to be a leader, and how to better our situation. Then we had a Leader Council, which is usually only done between Zone Leaders, but they included all the leaders of the mission this time. It reminded me a lot of the time I was a zone leader (I know it wasn't too long ago) and it was just powerful. In the meeting, President Nuckols shared an amazing quote from Russell M. Nelson. It says "If your actions make others strive to do more, dream more, try more, or be more, you are a leader."  I love that. Be the difference, be a leader. It really struck me to try harder and to make my actions my words. Make others do more off of my example. Even crazier, our Priesthood lesson on Sunday was about being a leader. Maybe the Lord was trying to tell me something? In my meeting for leaders, President Nuckols asked me to get up and bear my testimony in front of all the other leaders, since I am going home, and to bear testimony about my mission, and the change it has made for me. I swear, I could have stayed up there all day talking, but I kept it short and sweet. But I think that was the first time it really hit me how close everything is. I mean. wow..... a year ago, seeing someone do that, I thought, WOW... that day will never come for me. Well, it came and went. But anyways, I guess my spiritual message this week is that we all need to strive to be better leaders. Because everyone is a leader. With or without the title. We are leading others down the path of Christ every single moment of every single day, whether we know it or not. So be a leader. You are a leader.

My companion was sick on Friday and Saturday, which kept us inside and not able to work. :(

We got lots of referrals this week, due to being persistent. We asked everyone we talked to for a referral. Even contacts on the street. It was great. It actually really worked! First time I had ever tried that in the mission. We will definitely keep doing that throughout this week as well. One referral we got was the mother of a less active girl we teach. Now we teach them both. The mother has a baptismal date set up, and the less active girl, named Ana, should be reactivated by next week! :) Shows the true power of God in all things. :) 

I will be going to the temple this Friday. I am so excited. All the many blessings that come from the temple.... I am lacking that! I need some temple blessings! :)

Love you all, sorry this email isn't so detailed of every lesson I taught... its just like I said earlier.. its all a blur. hahah and I don't have my journal with me... so next week will be better. Love you all! Thanks for all your support!

Elder Weiss :)

Mother's note: I asked Parker if they had any other bad weather or storms last week and he said they have not. He also said his health is good even though his companion was sick. 

Here are a couple of Dominican things.

"this is how light posts look in the DR. Lots of wires...." 

"A big nest of the nation's National Bird.
These nests and birds are EVERYWHERE."

"Some Sunset Pictures"

"Nature is Beautiful."

"And a bush I like. Pretty Bush."

" a house that is really nice that I liked."

"Pictures of all of us that are almost finishing."