Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - This is it!

Well it has been a crazy week! Lots of ups and down! Lets get started!

On Tuesday we worked really hard! We had a ton of appointments. Lots of good lessons. We actually had a lot of new lessons. One of them was a referral that we received from a member. So we went to her friends house and boom, there they were, her and her two daughters. Her name is Angelica, she is about 40ish, and her two daughters are 15 and 10. The lesson went great! We were laughing a lot before the lesson, and they immediately relaxed so that we could smoothly go into our lesson. We taught them the whole restoration of the church. Then, as we finished that, they asked us if we would like some iced tea, so we taught them about the Word of Wisdom, and they committed to obeying it! In the first lesson! But that isn't it! After that, the two daughters say that they want to get baptized, and they want to do it in our church. Angelica, the mom, then says that her friend (the member) is a really great person and she sees something different in her and she too would like to have what she has. So we talked about baptism, and at the end of the lesson committed them to a baptism date for the 21 of November. They all accepted! It was an amazing first lesson! These people are so prepared and I can't believe the miracle! They live in a part of our area that we have never had any investigators, and to see that not only are their fruits, but that they are ready to harvest is incredible to me! Bumped up my spirits for that part of the area real quick! haha

Thursday I went on splits with Elder Nielsen, my first companion in the MTC. It was great! The doctor invited us to lunch for the last time, and we ate pizza with them. In the afternoon we worked hard. I forgot to mention that it was Elder Nielsen's birthday, so at night, we went to his area, and we threw a little party for him at one of the members houses over there! Great way to spend the day! Also, my amazing kid in the mission, Elder Millward, hit a year in the mission on Thursday! Time flies!!!!!

Friday we did splits with the MTC missionaries! I left with Elder Godfrey. It was really fun! We found some new investigators, and it was really fun to be with him. He was a really spiritual elder and I feel like he taught me more than I taught him! At night we taught Angelica again, and she has been keeping her commitment of keeping the Word of Wisdom! Her kids weren't there though, but she says that they are too! And she also said she had plans on going to the church this week! :)

Sunday was church. Sadly Angelica did not show up. But it was a good Sunday. There is never a bad Sunday really. After church we taught Kenya, and she said she is ready for her baptism on the 24 of October. We gave her the rest of the lessons that she is missing to read, and we invited her kids to start listening to our message, and they accepted. So next Sunday we will start teaching the entire family! At night we taught Angelica in her friends house, the member (Her name is Meralice). I cooked them an "attempted Italian pasta, more so american" pasta. I, and they, said it came out really good. But it wasn't Italian. But I tried! We taught them a lesson as we ate, about how Jehovah is Jesus. That wasn't the lesson in mind, but that popped up, and we had to change the lesson so that we could help them understand. It was very spirit led. :) And we saw the red moon at night too. Cool stuff. My pictures all turned out black. But, it was cool to see it with my eyes.

Okay, here is the down of the week! On Monday I wasn't able to go to Barahona, and here is why! In the morning, my companion wanted to work out before leaving. So we have weights in our house, and he put one on his bed. Then he got up and left, came back, and sat down on the bed. That in turn made the weight, which was hanging on the edge of his bed, roll of and land right on his middle toe, and it separated into two. So I had to rush him to Doctor Reagan's office, and Doctor Reagan did an immediate emergency surgery on him. He fractured his toe bone, and cut it literally in two. I have pictures, but I probably won't send them, just because its really gruesome. So that took up the whole day. We didn't get back until about 8 at night, and for that reason I took my P Day today. My companion is not allowed to walk until next Friday. So I will be around the house a lot more on this last week of my mission. I will be trying to leave with the other Elders in my house as much as I can, but I will be taking a lot of care of my companion until I go home, which is good for me. I can get to know him better and I really have gotten close to him from this. I feel a great need to help him. The Lord knows what he is doing. But anyways, we will make this last week of my mission great, no matter what!

Today I went to the Colonial Zone with Elder Nielsen, in the East Mission. It was amazing!!! Super cool! Very beautiful. Lots of Americans too! I even saw a cruise ship! Hahah I actually felt like I was in a tropical island in the beautiful DR, what everyone dreams of being in, and I was there. ALL DAY! It was great! We got a tour, and our tour guide was a member from Buenos Aires, so I was able to catch up with him. We got to go inside the National Cathedral of the Island, and some other really cool places. All very cool! I even saw the oldest street ever in all the Americas! The first street ever built. And I walked on it! SO COOL! So that was my day today!

I love you all! I hope you all enjoy General Conference this week! Next week I may not right much, but just remember I am thinking about you all a lot! Love you! :)

Elder Weiss

"Doctor and Sister Reagan"

Surgery on his Companion's Toe

View of the Santo Domingo Temple as they left the Doctor's

I assume this is part of the Colonial Zone

In the National Cathedral of the Island

This is the Emblem on the Dominican Republic Flag

This is an old Hospital that's broken down

Before his mission Parker called his Dad
"Papi" many times. :)

A Knight inside the Cathedral

Elder Weiss pointing to Barahona, part of his mission.

Elder Weiss being himself. (Or he's looking for the Holy Ghost.)